Company's Organizational Structure & Management Team

Mr. Egziael Buzuayehu
Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Amanuel Tadesse
D/CEO Plant Operations
D/CEO- Support Services
Mr. Emishaw Menkir
Assistant to CFO (Finance Manager)
Dr. Biftu Mohammed
D/DCEO, Administration,Community & Facility
Advisor to CEO
Mr. Tetemke G/Medhien
Planning & Monitoring Manger(CEO Office)
Mr. Kebede Teka
HR Department Manager
Mr. Girma Seifu
Quarry Department Manager
Mr. Tibebu Girma
Auto Garage Department Manager
Mechanical Maintenance Department Manager
Mr. Awel Yusuf
Production Department Manager
Mr. Raji Dhuguma
Occupational Health, Safety & Environmental Service Head
Mr. Abduselam Mussa
Engineering Department Manager
Mr. Beyan Mustefa
Supply Chain Management Department A/Manger
Mrs Eden Nigusu
Sales & Markting Department Manger
Mr. Ermias Afework
Electrical Maintenance Department Manager
Mr. Berhe Adhanom
Fleet Operation Department A/Manager
Mr. Zemedkun Alemayehu
General Service and Security Department A/Manager
Sales and Distribution Department Manager (Eastern Region)
Mr. Leul Achamu
Quality Control Department Manager
Legal Service Manager
Mr. Behailu Sorri
ICT Service Manager
Mr. Kumera Beyene
Koka Plant Manager
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