Occupational Safety and Health Policy

“There is no Urgent Work , that we do Unsafely

We, NCSC, firmly believe:

  • Our employees are our most important assets and their safety is our greatest responsibility.
  • It is the responsibility of the company to make every effort to provide a safe working environment. To eliminate safety hazards and provide adequate PPE and safety devices for all of our employees.
  • It is our goal to create awareness among our management and employees so that each individual understands that he/she has the ultimate responsibility to work safely.
  • Unsafe work practices by an individual can often lead to accident even in a safe working environment. It is our goal to eliminate both unsafe work conditions and unsafe work practices.
  • Every employee should not only work safely but also ensure the safety of his/her colleagues.
  • If a job cannot be done safely. It will not be done. Every employee is entitled to a safe and healthful place in which to work.

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