Corporate Social Responsibility

To expound a little more on our participation in development ventures, national cement engages in school building, town beautification and cleaning, illumination of parts of the city with lights, provision of free potable water supply as well as sponsorship of various social causes and organizations. It constantly engages in dialogues with members of the community and government organs of the Diredawa administration and takes part in joint development ventures.

In the Sports arena, also, our Football team is currently participating in the Ethiopian premier League and prominence is expected in the forthcoming not too distant a time. In view of becoming eco-friendly as well, NCSC, investing millions of birr, transformed the old factory into now environmentally hospitable plant.

Taking last year alone, as part of its relief aid and community support, NCSC:

  • Rehabilitated and handed over the public water supply points/depots and handed over to respective legitimate representatives of both the Kebele, community and administrative authorities.
  • Provided exercise books and pens, enough for one year consumption, for 250 students of the Ijanneni school, around the start-up of the school cycle and at the beginning of this Ethiopian year.
  • Granted 1,000,000.00 birr in support of displaced members of the surround community and temporarily relocated in Diredawa.
  • Donated 800 quintals of cement (now being dispatched in two equal lots) for the displaced community members who now are temporarily relocated in Meisso woreda.
  • Newly erected 5 water points, providing potable water to the surround community for free, in a place called Gendeboye;
  • Stretching as far as meisso and in areas that are believed to be accident prone; it erected road traffic signs, built houses for traffic policemen and donated reflector jacket for the eastern and Western Oromia regions,
  • Donated 100 quintals of cement to community members displaced from their residences, In Kebele 05 (Addis ketema) and in Kebele 04 (gendekore) due to fire accidents.
  • Encouraged entrepreneurial initiatives in regard to widening employment of the surround community, organizing unemployed youth of Gendeboye in to hollow-block producing small scale enterprises and by selling to same cement & gravel at reduced prices;
  • To strengthen industry-university linkage, it supported around 500 professionals/students of the university community by providing information, research inputs, experience sharing opportunities and apprenticeship support;
  • In the sport arena also, we are taking part in Football competitions and hope to qualify for premier league soon.
  • Routinely carriesout seedling germination, planting and distribution of same to organizations within the Diredawa environ in an effort to be responsive to environmental health and rehabilitation;
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