Message of CEO

Concluding our 2017/18 budget year a few months ago and arming ourselves with hands-on experience and extended plans, we have resumed our journey of 2018/19. As we did in the past, in this budget year also, we have put on the plate so many promises (i.e. ambitious targets, elevated results, transformational measures, activity plans and resources).

We make promises and in the end we fulfil. We walk what we talk. No matter how myriad the challenges are or how formidable they seem, we have dealt with them successfully in the past and we will deal them now or in the future.

Our mission is clear it is to “produce & distribute cement products that exceedingly meet customer requirements by adopting modern technology, qualified manpower and by ensuring eco-friendly and socially accountable operation and thereby create sustainable value for our stakeholders.”

Pursuing this grand corporate strategy and crafting our medium and short-range strategies, we have made history so far and we shall continue fighting the business war with even bigger vigor for a better history in the years to come.

Let me take this opportunity and congratulate us all stakeholders for the achievements we have reaped so far, I commend to further strengthen our unity, effort and get even bigger in the years to come.

Amare Abera
Chief Executive Officer
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