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Three shortlisted for cement supply - Three local companies have made it to the next stage in the bid to supply a billion birr worth of ce...
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Company Quality Policy Statement
We (as NCSC) are committed, at all levels of the organization, to consistently manufacture and deliver Clinker, OPC and PPC cement products and services that satisfy stated, generally implied and obligatory requirements of our domestic as well as overseas customers and other interested parties by establishing and continually improving a quality management system based on ISO 9001-2015.

We, the Management, shall show, our commitments and leadership by: making the utmost effort to encourage teamwork and empowerment of employees, providing appropriate trainings & resources, honoring planned arrangements, conducting regular reviews of the QMS and by making fact-based and decentralized decision making leading to continual improvement. ...
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Message from the CEO
Concluding our 2017/18 budget year a few months ago and arming ourselves with hands-on experience and extended plans, we have resumed our journey of 2018/19. As we did in the past, in this budget year also, we have put on the plate so many promises (i.e. ambitious targets, elevated results, transformational measures, activity plans and resources).

We make promises and in the end we fulfil. We walk what we talk. No matter how myriad the challenges are or how formidable they seem, we have dealt with them successfully in the past and we will deal them now or in the future.
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What makes National Cement the Best Choice?

  • Commitment to our Customers
  • Fast Delivery
  • Rich Tried and ProvenCement Processing Experience
  • Commitment to Community and Environment
  • High Quality Raw Material Deposit
  • Commitment to Sustainability

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NCSC Documentary
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Feature Video: NCSC Annual Employee Day
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Social Responsibility Activities

NCSC usually undertakes its social responsibility for the community

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