National Cement employees performs a seedling campaign

NCSC employees seedling campaign

National Cement have been implementing various environmental protections & greening initiatives in which it enhances the company role in fulfilling its corporate social responsibilities. Including preparation and distribution of seedlings in its own nursery site and advocating the benefit of environmental protection activities, every year the company performs seedling campaign by mobilizing the community; like Defense force, Dire Dawa & Federal polices. Likewise, last Friday August 15, 2014, the company employees plant a tree in the company compound.

Mr. Danilo Trugillo, the General Manager of the company reminds that planting a tree should not be a one day activity. Rather it should be a continuous and sustainable endeavor in people’s life. Therefore today’s campaign is not an end, it is just a beginning, therefore we should all maintain our effort in sustaining our objectives.

On the Friday’s campaign 369 employee plants around 2000 trees near to the 3000 TPD factory site /CCR & VRM/ which are 5 domestic species according to Environmental Management Department.

National Cement is a dedicated company for corporate social responsibility in which the company have been giving social support for environmental & community development programs to the community and it is a green field cement factory which operates with high technologies which can control dust and smoke emissions and raw material wastes.

Posted on Feb 10, 2015

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