• Vision
    To become the Leading Industrial group in the region by being the front
    runner in all the sector we operate in and position in the enterprise
    competitively in the dynamic Global Business Environment.
    To supply products that are Leaders in Quality, Cost, and Customer
    Satisfaction through the integration of People, Technology, and Systems.
  • NCSC Documentary
    Watch the NCSC documentary video and
    find out what our company is all about.
  • What makes National Cement the Best Choice?
    » Respect to our customers' needs
    » Naturally high quality raw materials with reliable reserve
    » Environmental friendly process & Quality Control System
    » Over 70 years of experience in the cement industry
    » Fast and door to door delivery services with our own NCSC trucks
    » Superior quality cement
  • Featured News
    Ethiopian President Visits NCSC
    The newly appointed Ethiopian President Mulatu Teshome visited National Cement Share Co. (NCSC) along with other Dire Dawa Administration higher officials last February 2014. Engineer Basso Assefa, NCSC CEO, presented in his welcome speech and briefing that the company is dedicated to produce quality cement and essentially contribute in the building the nation. ...
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    President of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, Mulatu Teshome, in his visit to the National Cement Share Co. plant last February, 2014.
National Cement Share Company (NCSC) is a cement plant that maintains high moral corporate social responsibility, guided by its core values.


Our core values focus on our commitment to our customers, suppliers and our employees. Click on the scroll buttons above to browse and navigate on our Company Core Values.


We believe that innovation and empowerment are essential tools for better leadership. We revolutionize the way we work with the application of emerging technologies.
We focus on strategies that create competitive advantages in the global cement industry. We devote a lot of attention to details that make us stand out from the rest.
We at National Cement Share Co. exhibits continuous effort to invest on people that we believe can make us a better company and provide customer with better value and services.
Our greatest achievement is ensuring that we deliver high quality products to our customers. This is National Cement?s commitment to every customer we have. This is how we define success.
To better sustain the efficiency of our services and the quality of the products we deliver, we establish a strong bond with our customers and suppliers locally and globally.
Integrity is our strength. We ensure that all the business dealings we do in our company are ethical and transparent. This is the foundation from which NCSC is built upon. The strength and integrity to build the nation